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With so much time for creativity to flourish during covid lockdown, many fashion enthusiasts experimented with pairing of their top and bottom attire. What bloomed, took fashion industry by storm. The Co-Ord sets found its niche in the market, providing room for experimenting, fashion-play, and creativity. Jannat, much like any other trend aware brand found inspiration in the modish appearance and chic but comfortable appeal of co-ord sets which makes them the go-to for woman of every walk of life. The chicness that Co-Ord sets bring with such casual ease is truly unparallel. In our repertoire you can buy co-ord sets that speak Bawse, Girly, flower, fashionista, just by introducing different combinations.  As you browse our website to buy co-ord sets, you will notice how it has adopted a work-leisure vibe and are bound to become a bonafide uniform all year long.


Why Co-Ord sets Are In Demand?

Co-Ord sets saw a rise in all startas of society. From normal corporate woman, to female celebrities and female politician, Co-Ord sets got more than just a nod for being one of the most versatile attires in the fashion industry.


As mentioned earlier.  Co-Ord sets became famous because of their versatility. The room for experimentation is so much that your individuality manifests itself. Such expression of individuality is what fashion is all about. You can pair the same suit jacket with long, baggy pants giving a bawse look or with matching shorts; giving Bawse in a beach vibe. 

  • Tran seasonal appeal

Usually, when a collection is designed with cotton as the base material, it manifests spring or summer almost exclusively. Therefore, the attire bought becomes season specific. That’s not an issue with Co-Ord sets. The Tran-seasonal appeal of Co-Ord makes it fashionable for all seasons.

For instance, take AAHELI MIST GREEN & GREY EMBROIDERED CO-ORD SET by Jannat. The Mist green georgette embroidered shirt featuring scalloped placket & bow tie neckline paired with solid grey twill straight pants is on paper, quite a spring/summer outfit. But pair it with a long over coat or a blazer on top of it or style them as separates with winter collection and you have a whole new outfit.

  • Utmost Comfort

As mentioned above, the chicness that Co-Ord sets bring with such casual ease is truly unparallel. Post Covid lockdowns, people, especially those are constantly on the go, demanded something that not only speaks class but also provides sheer comfort. Co-Ord sets as a trend showed the evolution of fashion; reflecting a shift towards versatile work-from-home lifestyles. Co-Ord sets on our online store are fashionable but its focus is prominently on comfort. Not just using comfortable material but also materialising it into softened comfort-driven silhouettes is the main idea behind our Co-Ord sets.


Trends In  Co-Ord Sets For Women

The trends in Co-Ord sets are forever changing courtesy to their versatile nature.  Every individual has its own sense of pairing different Co-Ord sets. But still there are few combinations, designs and silhouettes which are worth jumping on the bandwagon for:

  • Crop top Co-Ord sets

Nothing speaks summer better than crop top but how to incorporate crop tops and make it an outfit for everything from brunch with the girls, to a party to business meets! You can take inspiration from our co-ord sets for women. We have off-shoulder crop top paired with comfy shorts with pockets for that summer house party. And, stemming from the same we have crop top featuring tasselled string on front paired with multi-coloured modal satin printed front-side slit skirt.

  • Unique Silhouettes

You can even take the conventional shirt, skirt or pants and give it a glamourous twist. Our Black rayon shirt with a twist of diagonal gathered detailing paired with grey rayon straight pants with pockets gives an effortlessly glamourous oomph to the conventional shirt and pant co-Ord set for women. Such slight changes in the silhouettes adds to the breathability of the material allowing you to be chic without compromising with the comfort.

Who would have thought that corporate can be glamourous too? Dawning a chic suit over a Co-Ord set enhances the formal tone of the attire. 80's inspired short suits are here to elevate your work looks and leave more breathing space for comfort. It is an excellent example of how to play up the importance of the matching set. If you wish to make it more flowy and still retain the Bawse look, go for our #BOSSBABE look in our Shanaya Maroon, grey & beige Printed cotton top-pants & blazer set. It has enough room for movement for the woman who is always on the go. It is breathable for we know how high you must climb on that success ladder and it has pockets, for it’s about time women get their fair share of pockets.

Co-Ord sets are like the chic conglomeration of various fashion ideas. It is a getaway for the modern woman who has a voice and wants her attire also to make a strong statement. Gone the days when fashion was a synonym to just gowns and cocktail dresses. Co-Ord sets is bringing with it a new, effortlessly fashionable, comfortable, modish view of fashion for the 21st century woman.

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