Designer Pre-Draped Sarees From The Best

Whether it be wedding season, formal occasions or spontaneous parties, the elegance of a meticulously and painstakingly crafted saree can never be understated. Summer is also the perfect time to be crafting a traditional wardrobe to beat the heat while staying fashionable and immaculately fitted.

With that said, let’s talk about pre-draped sarees. Everyone loves them, especially when they come pre-draped, making them easy to wear and convenient to move around while making an uncompromising style statement. But what are they and where do you buy them from? Let’s take a look at a few of these options, and maybe we can help you decide what to wear for that office party or wedding reception!

What are pre-draped sarees?

The contemporary version of the staple and proud tradition of wearing a sari, pre-draped sarees are different in the way that they have the drape portion of the saree pre-stitched in that manner. Pre-draped sarees are the new trend for the modern woman, convenient as well as traditional for an all-around appeal.

Additionally, the combination potential they offer has resulted in experimenting with other types of clothing such as dhotis, tunics and palazzos. This has led to a modern saree which is capable of being worn in multiple different ways along with multiple different forms of fashion, including by itself as well.

Along with that, pre-draped sarees have the convenience of being able to be worn without worrying about things like tucking and pleating a million times to get the drape just right. Specially made for time-saving, pre-draped sarees also allow for better movement and an overall lighter, cooler aesthetic. They are also easier to manage while moving, and don’t take up the area designed for your feet, so no more tripping over your saree while you are taking a casual stroll.

The fit and finish are both tailored to suit your needs to, so you don’t need to worry about additional work being done on the different parts of the garment. As well as that, the designs are as good as a normal sari can have, and at prices more affordable than some really tacky saris that are heavy too.

Finally, we have some tips for wearing these. For lighter, more lithe women, we recommend  pre-stitched and draped cotton sarees, and at the same time, fabrics such as silk for all body types, as silk is going to look good regardless.

Now then, where do you get your favorite pre-draped sarees?

Known for their extensively sourced and hand-crafted apparel, the Mulmul designs on Jannat certainly have their own charm. Case in point, the unique two-toned Prakriti set comes with a fantastic bottle green and pink combination that is difficult to find anywhere else. Both of the colours go very well together and are a treat to move around in with the natural crepe material and sleeveless blouse.

With the skin-friendly material and the sweetheart neckline, this set is paired best with some stylish yet subtle earrings and a statement piece.


Pre-draped sarees are the new age of a piece of fashion that has been the Indian staple for centuries, and a classy addition to the proud tradition. And these brands are taking the face of this fashion-forward in style. Any of these will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


We look forward to seeing you in these styles soon!