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With Saree, The Timeless Outfit Up-Style your Closet


Nothing beats the charm and elegance of a Saree. Be it special occasions or walking down the red carpet, Saree is one outfit that every woman swears by. Everyone is smitten by the ethnic outfit- from teenage girls to young women. It has indeed been a favourite of women from time immemorial. A wardrobe staple, the attire is owned by every Indian woman. It is a traditional and trendy outfit for women that has come a long way since ancient times. Earlier worn on festivals and celebrations as a formal outfit, the attire is now considered as a clothing to glam up the party scene.


Tales of Varied Styles of Sarees Worn across India


India, home to vibrant cultures and traditions, sees women dressed up in ethnic outfits ranging from traditional and heavily embellished lehengas, sharara sets, sarees to simple versions of salwar suits. Women wear each garment to attend celebratory occasions, functions, or everyday life, depending on their customs, taste, and liking. Among these gorgeous ethnic outfits, one that spans borders is the variety of Indian sarees. 


The fabric used to weave Alluring Saree 

Woven using different fabrics, you can find Banarasi Silk Saree from Uttar Pradesh, Gadwal Saree from Andhra Pradesh, chiffon saree, Brocade, and other styles of saree.  

Available in different fabrics, weaving styles, embroideries, prints, occasions, and patterns across Indian states, the charm of Sarees is indeed unmatchable. 

Women from different states and cultures love to drape it differently. Nivi style, Bengali style, Marathi, and Gujarati style are a few famous draping styles that are unique from one another. 


Traditional to Glamourous – Many Shades of Saree

Saree - the beautiful women's garment is the epitome of the Indian culture. Worn around the waist, in different styles by women, it is a gorgeous unstitched, decorated, long piece of cloth that measures 5 to 9 yards in length. Whether belonging to the poor or the wealthiest class of society, women from all walks of life love wearing saree. Available in different fabrics and designs, you can drape it differently. Women who are traditional and mature wear sarees as part of everyday clothing, but modern working women seek ways to appear stylish hence wear them as a party wear pre-draped saree.


Get Vibrant Collection of Designer Saree For Women at JANNAT 

JANNAT houses a range of fashionable and beautiful sarees to revamp your look. Available in cool summer hues and stunning prints, our sarees are perfect for light outings and family functions. Designed in chiffon and georgette fabric, the collection of sarees at Jannat is breezy, lightweight, and easy to wear. Depending on the occasion, you can wear the saree and drape them in various styles. Team up your saree with a matching blouse or mix and match to get a mesmerizing and chic look.


For Gorgeous Appearance - Wear ACCESSORIES with your saree

When going for functions like weddings, receptions, wear gold jewellery with your saree. According to your taste, for a more contemporary look, go for oxidized, artificial jewellery, like a chain, pendant, bangles, watch, or even bracelet. Wear soft pastel-shaded sarees with light prints for day gatherings, and do dewy or light makeup. Go for heavy party makeup only when you have a function to attend. Keep the makeup minimal and simple to let your beautifully draped saree do the talking. Go for smoky eye makeup while donning bold black or dark-toned sarees. Also, go for platform heels to get the requisite height and ultimate comfort while walking in your favourite saree.


Incorporate Styling Tips to Amp Up your Saree Look

To showcase your contemporary fashion sense, you can even team up your saree, play with it to create different stylish looks. 

Lehenga Sari Look : Merge the lehenga with a saree, separately drape the pallu to create the trendy look. 

Pre-Draped sarees: Women who prefer comfort and style must buy pre draped sarees online. These kinds of sarees are designed with drapes and pleats. Hence easy to wear and carry around. All you need is to wear it without tying the saree. 

Saree Jumpsuit – This saree cum jumpsuit look has also become popular. Again, this is a fuss-free and innovative way to carry your saree and appear chic. 


Wear Saree to Up Your Style Quotient and Gain other Positives


Saree- the attire is limitless; it is not only the epitome of our traditions and cultural values but also hosts other positive. Here are some


Silk Cloth Sarees: It is believed that silk attracts and stores electromagnetic energy. Hence all over INDIA, silk clothes are preferred during poojas, be it a Maharashtrian lady in GANESH PUJA, a Bengali lady in Durga pooja, or A GUJRATI lady in Laxmi pooja. So next time when you aim to buy a saree, go for a traditional and stunning silk saree for yourself.


Eye Pleasing and Attention-grabbing Outfit: A saree effortlessly brings out the beauty of a woman. It makes the frame look tall and slim no matter what style you drape it into. A well-draped saree makes your persona stand out from the crowd when worn at a function.  


Adapts To Your Figure- Women are very conscious about choosing attire to enhance their beauty and hide the bulges. Wearing a breezy saree does the perfect trick, as it improves your height without making you look too thin or bony.


Jaw-dropping Collection of Sarees Awaits at JANNAT


Want to dazzle the party scene or enjoy that eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing festive look? Then head straight to JANNAT- the paradise that houses a range of designer, pre-draped, half and half, and a beautiful collection of Saree's. Available in georgette, crepe, organza, and chiffon fabric, designed in solid colours, vivid patterns, and batik prints, the sarees will help you have a distinctive festive look in no time.

With JANNAT's perfect collection of stunning party wear saree, elevate your wardrobe to look glamourous and graceful.

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